Making The Poems of Summer

I had hoped that the day we shoot this editorial was a gloomy one. If you are a pluviophile like me, you would understand how it feels when the bright sun is out. It is almost anxiety.

Despite that it was a stormy week, Mother Nature was pulling my leg and let the sun out. I didn’t have a choice but to go ahead because I had moved the schedule several times and it would be inconsiderate of me to leave it again for another time.

I was always fascinated by the rugged cliffs in Arterra, Resort Hotel in Punta Engano in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu. When I first saw it 2 years ago I told myself “I am going to shoot my next editorial here”.

For me, the scenery is just breathtaking. It may look boring to some people because there is nothing fancy about it. There is just this small stretch of rugged rocks and a lawn of over grown grasses and wild flora. But I think the color palette of the surrounding is what painted its unpretentious beauty.

the breathtaking sunset
This Caryll, the vibrant one.
And this is Johnica, the serious one. But guess who is younger?

Although everything went well, I felt guilty. It was a torment for the Video and Photo team, the couple Alex (video but also taking photos) and Jeaneth Banaag (second photographer) of Bukool Films and Photography who had to endure the unruly heat that day. The production was shot during the golden hours, which is the most crucial time of the day for the film team. By the way, I highly recommend these guys as they are one of the best in the wedding industry. They always exceed your expectations and most of all, they are very easy to work with. You can read their story here.

Posing gracefully under the heat. They were dripping with sweat but the girls are professional models so they didn’t bother with the inconveniences.

We had six outfit change with two models for a total of six looks during the course of two hours. Amazing isn’t it?

Johnica and Caryll are sisters, just like Gigi and Bella Hadid. The former is under VEE Models Agency

I chose simple theme for this collection because the weddings are getting simpler and more intimate in this time of the pandemic. I wanted to achieve simple silhouettes for these gowns that evokes peace of mind and fluidity and keeping sustainability in mind. The soul of this collection revolves around the simple joys, the simple things that makes us content and happy. And being locked down for a year, I have contemplated and appreciated the times that I traveled places, soak under the sun, sit on the beach and sink my toes on the sands, walk in the middle of flower fields, or interact with other souls.

The poems though, were not written last year. The words came altogether during the shoot we did on June (And I don’t know how either). When I was making the gowns, I was not thinking of poetry. Actually, I did not have any idea how to tell the story yet. But I think the whole scenario that day stitched things together and articulate things for me in the most poignant way.

Enough said, all these would not have happened without the sacrifice of the team (models, photo and film, assistants). But at least it paid off with a very beautiful output, at the end of the day!

Watch the video the film team made here- Modest Fashion Designers Channel, -and watch till the end! Wink



I owe and dedicate this collection to my father who passed away two years ago, and to my mother who always supports my plans. (Well, I’m a stubborn head so they gave up opposing me) and to my siblings. All my life I wanted to show them that I can do it! Sadly, my father did not wait for this moment when every thing started to fall into place.

And to my Business Mentor, who guided me through and made me see my own potentials.

With love and hope,


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