Our History

Iman Montayre is an eponymous brand of bridal gowns favoured by brides who appreciates modesty; is a ready- to- wear and customized wedding gown designer.

The brand started as Bridals by Iman in 2013 catering only to Cebu local clients. Two years later Bridals by Iman managed to expand its client base in other countries such as the USA and Canada, and later built good relationships with bridal houses in America and Europe. The decision to adapt the Founder’s name to the brand took place in 2018 in order to avoid confusion with the bridal house it supplies. The elegant versatility of the brand is patronized by non- Muslim clients despite its Islamic handle. And in 2020, it decided to focus on more covered but convertible designs so that it can be worn in several ways and brides enjoy different look in one setting.

Aesthetically, the name “Iman” means faith in Arabic wherewith the philosophy of the designs encompasses itself. It tries to understand the needs of women of all walks of life, backgrounds and culture. It adapts clean and simple silhouettes, minimal and well- balanced elements that does not limit itself to a single form.

About the Designer

Joean “Iman” Montayre is Filipino designer who has been designing clothing since 2000. Her adopted name “Iman” is due to her acquiescence of the faith of Islam in 2007. She is a self- taught artist who started her career in Fashion Design as an Illustrator to a New York- based haute couture brand (JPNY) in 2000 after graduating from high school. After two months in the job she received training from the owner to become a full- fledge designer after she displayed potentials. She juggled from full time employee during the day to a college student at night. After graduating from Computer Programming, Iman studied Journalism and was appointed to become the company’s self- produced magazine in Dance Sport Haute Couture as its Editor-In- Chief. She left the job after 5 years and explored other designing fields which includes designing for international companies that does furniture, home décor, jewelries, luxury bags and footwear, while she writes and explores Investigative Journalism as a freelancer, up until today.

In 2007, a new Muslim that time, she partnered with a US- based garment company that exports clothing to the Middle- East, USA and Spain. This helped her gain understanding of modest fashion and Islam. But the global recession in 2009 affected the business which led to its closure in 2011. In 2012, she decided to explore the local market and started garment business from scratch. Without any experience in sewing and operating a machine, she learned how to sew from watching YouTube tutorials, and improved her pattern- making and cutting techniques. With the help of friends in the wedding industry, she formally established Bridals by Iman in 2013 as she was able to gain clients, and slowly expanded her network abroad when one of her gowns attracted a Wedding Planner in Wisconsin, and another one from London few months later.

Her rapport towards modest fashion started as soon as she became a Muslim, and wanted to build a reputation in modest bridal gown industry. The advocacy came to its fruition in 2020 when she launched the platform- the Modest Fashion Designers Production- which bore http://www.modestfashiondesigners.com and Modest Fashion Manila virtual fashion shows which cemented Philippines spot to become part of the modest fashion movement worldwide. She dedicates her career to help creatives and designers build their brand which prompted the launch of MFDP Foundation that will help underprivilege creatives around the world. The Foundation also aims to promote peace and unity among people from all backgrounds by shedding the light of understanding, give education and encourage tolerance through interfaith programs, and multi-culture initiatives through art and fashion.

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